Monday, May 21, 2012

Beary Good Readers- Guest Blogging

I am guest blogging @ Wolfelicious!

Come and check out how I am celebrating All of Beary Good Readers this year.  

Come back and download the Beary Good Reader Notes here
How do you celebrate your student's reading growth?


  1. Just started following you. I have a blog about books you should check out. We have a reader celebration at the end of the year. Students can volunteer to read something aloud to the class. We celebrate growth. Each child has a page with a thermometer on it. Using different colors for different times of assessment, we celebrate how much their thermometer increased (hope that makes sense).
    Basket of Books

  2. I LOVE these ideas to celebrate readers! I'm your newest follower! Thanks for your interest in the Guided Math book study...let me know if you'd like to host along with us!

    Primary Inspired

  3. I love this idea! Super Cute! Can't wait to use next year! Happy Summer! Your blog is looking GREAT!!!

  4. Hello There,
    I just wanted to see if you were currently interested in additional guest bloggers for your blog site.
    I see that you've accepted some guest posters in the past - are there any specific guidelines you need me to follow while making submissions?
    If you're open to submissions, whom would I need to send them to?
    I'm eager to send some contributions to your blog and think that I can cover some interesting topics.
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